A garage conversion will add to your living space and square footage to your home. This translates to HUGE value added to your property. Garage conversion has rapidly become an excellent option when it comes to optimizing your living spaces in Los Angeles. This increases your property’s value, improves your living experience, and can create extra cash flow by renting part of your home. The decision to turn your garage into an extra room shouldn’t only be considered as a matter of functionality, but also as an economic boost. Los Angeles residents should take advantage of Senate Bill 1069, allowing us to convert other areas of our homes into living spaces and as of 2020, you are now permitted to have two on one property! 


There are many reasons why an apartment suite or an extra bedroom in your house could prove highly beneficial when family comes to visit. Having this space in your garage will keep the privacy of your home while still having family members close enough to enjoy the visit. 

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