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One of our client’s favorite parts of their major remodeling experience is that they get to have very well made architectural and engineering plans made. What do we mean by this? Great question. As opposed to having an architect create a set of plans and present them to your builder, we work closely with our partnering architects in order to ensure that your project is planned well and efficiently. Our firm goes the extra mile to keep the actual building process in mind in order to stick to our client’s desired budget. In turn, this creates efficiency in work timeline and finances. We can handle every step of your project from end to end.


We offer free onsite consultations, and we use that consultation to better understand the space you are working with and how we can use it to carry out your ideas and requests. We know that a thoughtful floor plan is key to successful residential construction. Once we’ve wrapped up with preliminary approvals of floorplans and elevations, we pass on our information to our engineer. Customer satisfaction is our top priority, so we welcome requests for changes prior to final preliminary approval just in case you’d like to add or remove any features from our initial plan. At this point, our engineer creates calculations to ensure our proposed build is structurally sound and passes all inspections. Once the engineering portion is complete, we are finally ready for city submittal.

Our company can design custom homes, home additions, and extensive kitchen or bathroom renovations. We have the experience and knowledge necessary to create floor plans that flow smoothly, logically, and comfortably. Balancing practicality and aesthetics is our specialty, and we believe you’ll be impressed by the results.

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We serve Sherman Oaks, CA, and the surrounding area and are knowledgeable about the local building codes/regulations. Our company can walk you through the design and building process, so get in touch today to start planning your project!